Health Care Planning in Retirement Course at PCC

Health Care Planning In Retirement Course

Client Centered

This course is now sponsored by Portland Community Colleges Community Education Program. If you're over age 60 or considering leaving employer sponsored health coverage after age 65; now is the time to start planning for health care expenses in retirement. Find out what you need to do to obtain the coverage you need and protect against rising costs. This workshop is purely educational. No specific insurance or investment products will be discussed.

Common Questions you'll come away with clarity on:

• When do I sign up for Medicare?
• What does Medicare cover?
• How much does it cost?
• Will I need other insurance?
• What about long-term care?

Register to attend if:
• You are concerned about retirement health care expenses
• You are age 60 or over
• You plan to take Medicare soon
• You are already taking Medicare
• You are ready to start planning

At This Workshop You Will Learn:
• How Medicare enrollment periods work—and what you need to do to avoid late-enrollment penalties
• How much you can expect to pay in health care costs after going onto Medicare
• How Medicare works with private insurance to provide comprehensive coverage
• Why most people pay too much for private insurance and how you can avoid excess costs
• Why you must plan for higher health care costs in retirement—including the possibility of
needing long-term care

Registration Information:

  • Tuition is paid to the community college you register through and classes are limited to 40 attendees.
  • Once registered, all learners will receive the secure Zoom link and passcode to attend.
  • Each attendee with receive a course outline which covers key planning sections to health care planning in retirement (sent via email) and an optional one-hour lab session following the course with the instructor. This lab session can be utilized to answer any personal questions or to review key course topics in more detail.
  • We limit registration so if this course is full, please use the registration button above to join the wait list to be notified when the next course is available.

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